Alec Baldwin Shooting Happened Because He Is Anti-Gun

Alec Baldwin Shooting Happened Because He Is Anti-Gun

Alec Baldwin Shooting
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It’s no secret that Alec Baldwin is about as anti-gun as they come; for crying out loud, he was part of the No Rifle Association group.

He’s also an actor who hated guns so much that he refused to learn the basic rules of gun safety.

Therefore, he assumed it was true when someone handed him a gun and told him it was a cold gun, i.e., loaded with blanks, instead of verifying it himself.

He then proceeded to break the first rule of gun safety by pointing it at someone, pulling the trigger, and killing them.

This tragedy was incredibly avoidable, but this happened because Alec Baldwin is anti-gun.

You see, Contrary to popular belief, Guns are incredibly safe as long as you always follow the basic rules of gun safety.

If Alec Baldwin had spent more time learning gun safety rules instead of vilifying guns and gun owners, I promise you this tragic accident would never have happened.

If we spent more time teaching not only actors but the entire country gun safety instead of playing 2A politics, we wouldn’t be losing lives so unnecessarily.

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