Cheap AK47 Suppressor | “Fuel Filter” from Aliexpress

Cheap AK47 Suppressor | “Fuel Filter” from Aliexpress

In the middle of this year, Slovenian firearms law changed, mostly to the better.

One of the best changes is that now we can legally buy, own and shoot with sound moderators.
The most awesome part is that we can purchase them the same way we purchase our mags… or tomatoes and bananas. Without complications, because they are completely unregulated!

In the very same moment suppressors became legal, Ziga just had to go to Aliexpress and buy the famous “fuel filter”, made out of Chinesium!

Now lets see if it works and if Ziga will have all fingers at the end of the video. 😁

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Ammo provided by Sellier&Bellot

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