Comedian Claims He Defeated Every Argument Against Gun Control – Part 3

Comedian Claims He Defeated Every Argument Against Gun Control - Part 3

Steve Hofstetter
Let’s Go Brandon

Part Three of my video debunking the video, “Defeating every argument against gun control”

In that video, comedian Steve Hofstetter made a video where he claimed he defeated every argument against gun control with a total of 23 points.

Here is Part 1 if you missed it

Here is Part 2 if you missed it

I decided to make my video to retort all 23 of those points.

Because the gun debate is far more intricate than a 15-minute video, and there’s so much to unpack, I decided to break my video into five parts.

So, this is part THREE addressing arguments Eleven through Fifteen.

Argument 11 – The government is bound to mess up gun control, unless you’re advocating abolishing all laws, you can’t make that argument.

Argument 12 – Gun ownership is a right and not a privilege people don’t understand any of our other rights.

Argument 13 – It’s not a god-given right because God didn’t write it, James Madison did. Only 3 countries have gun ownership in their constitution so unless you think the entire world is a bunch of godless heathens then just keep this argument to civics.

Argument 14 – Gun control has worked over 100 times in other countries. It doesn’t have to work, it just has to work better. Look at Mothers Against Drunk Drivers in the 1980’s.

Argument 15 – 95% of the gun crimes in Chicago comes from guns purchased outside of Chicago.

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