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Clermont CCW Classes for Only $25...

Our Clermont Florida Concealed Carry Weapons Class truly is the best deal in town. You can take the state required course and receive a certificate of completion required for your 7 year CCW License.

This class is available for Florida and Non-Florida Residents.

The approximate 3 hour class, gives you information about the law that you are under when you start carrying. When you go to the Dept. of Agriculture, you will be signing an affidavit that says you have read and understood Chapter 790. We go over sections of the Chapter that could affect you in your everyday life.

Important Information

Firearms provided for the class if needed. Ammo available for purchase.

• Just bring yourself and a valid ID.

 We provide eye and ear protection which are sanitized after every use.

• IF YOU BRING YOUR GUN, please ensure it is unloaded.

• This course is excellent for beginners even if you have no intention of getting your concealed carry license. It is also an excellent Safety class. Even if you are a seasoned shooter, I guarantee you will learn.

The Bunker Clermont CCW Classes

The Bunker offers one of the most comprehensive Concealed Carry Classes in Clermont Florida. Our certified instructors will provide the knowledge and expertise that you need to lawfully and confidently carry your firearm. Our CCW class will satisfy the training requirements by the state of Florida. 

A Clermont Florida Concealed Carry Weapons Permit is one of the most sought after permits. As a Florida resident it allow you to carry in 36 other states. 

You can see the list of states here

The permit also allows you to carry weapons other than firearms including stun guns, knives and billy clubs. Taking the Clermont Concealed Carry Class with The Bunker is the first step to getting your Florida Concealed Carry Weapons Permit. We can even help you with the rest of the process to make sure all documentation is accurately completed and submitted. The Bunker is your neighborhood gun store that goes above and beyond for our customers.

The Bunker provides the first step to getting your State of Clermont Florida Concealed Weapons Permit. Our classes are developed with you in mind to ensure you receive the best training available. The Bunker is your local Clermont, Groveland, Winter Garden, Apopka, Windermere, Oakland, Ocoee, Clermont and surrounding Central Florida Concealed Carry Class Experts.

This class, once completed, will allow you to receive the state required certificate to obtain your concealed weapon or firearm license. You must be a US citizen or permanent resident and must be legally able to purchase and own a firearm.

However, firearm ownership is not required.

The training course was built to get shooters on a good path to become responsible armed citizens. As per State Law participants must show proficiency and safe handling with a firearm.

Our professional instructors will teach you the knowledge to keep you physically, legally, financially, and morally safe. The course will expand upon personal protection fundamentals, handgun safety, shooting fundamentals, legal use of force, violent encounters, Florida carry law, and future training opportunities.

Florida Has The Most CCW permit In The US!

You read that right!

With nearly 2 Million CCW Permits issued in the state of Florida, we have the more CCW Permit holders than any other state. We make getting your Florida concealed carry weapons permit easy and affordable. We offer more classes than anyone in Central Florida and provide you only top notch certified instructors. Book your Clermont CCW Class online today and  see the difference experience makes.

How long is a concealed carry class in Florida?

The class is about 3 hours. A lot depends on the students in the class. If a lot of students are new to firearms it may take longer.

How long does it take to get a concealed carry permit in Florida?

How long will processing take? The turnaround time for processing a concealed weapon license application is approximately 50 to 55 days.

How much does a concealed weapons permit cost in Florida?

The class at the bunker is only $25, you still will need to get your fingerprint processing at your local sheriff’s office before the permit can be issued. 

News and Updates

In our blog, we post regular news about the facilities, trainers, events etc. Follow us to stay ahead of all the updates, as
well as many useful tips for weapon keeping and handling.


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