Gunsmith Services

Gunsmith Services

From Cleaning or Machining to Repair & Restoration – Our Expert staff provides nearly all types of services to the public under one roof. If your firearm needs it – it can get done right at THE BUNKER! Let our expert gunsmiths help you with your firearm today!.


Firearm Cleaning

  • Quick Clean
  • Gunsmith Clean
  • Rust removal
  • Fire/ Flood damage repair

Refinishing/ Restoration

  • Hot Bluing
  • Parkerizing
  • Cerakote

Machine Work

  • Barrel Threading
  • Bolt Threading for oversized Bolt Handle
  • Custom Muzzle Breaks
  • Barrel Chambering


  • Stock Bedding
  • Trigger Jobs
  • Bolt Lapping
  • Muzzle Crowning


  • General Repair
  • Lower/ Upper assembly
  • Pin & Weld Muzzle Devices
  • Dimple Barrel
  • Gas Port Sizing

Custom Rifles

  • Precision Bolt Action Rifles
  • Custom AR-15/ AR-10 Platform Rifles

News and Updates

In our blog, we post regular news about the facilities, trainers, events etc. Follow us to stay ahead of all the updates, as
well as many useful tips for weapon keeping and handling.

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