Is This The Best Gas Mask For Gun Enthusiast?

Is This The Best Gas Mask For Gun Enthusiast?

Mira Safety CM-7M

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During the height of the pandemic, when most of the country was shut down and everyone thought the world was coming to an end, I spent most of my time at home drinking and buying survival gear online.

In Typical Colion Noir fashion, I started with the cool stuff first.

I clearly had the gun stuff covered, so it only made sense to buy a gas mask next.

I live in a major metropolitan city where full-blown riots took place on the next street over from my house. So, the likelihood that I could encounter tear gas and a bunch of other stuff I don’t want to breathe is higher than most, so I felt the need to buy a gas mask.

Besides actually doing what a gas mask is supposed to do, I needed to be able to shoot a rifle while wearing the Mask.

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