Man Commits Mass Murder In Norway with Bow And Arrows

Man Commits Mass Murder In Norway with Bow And Arrows

Norway Bow & Arrow

I’m as mad as I am shocked at this. I’m mad because people in Norway can’t carry guns for protection.

That means this guy was able to hold an entire town hostage with a bow and arrow, and no one could do anything to stop him because no one could carry guns.

But here’s what’s super ironic. Norwegian police don’t carry guns, but as soon as there is a psycho peter pan on the loose killing people with a bow and arrow, guess what they do.

“Norwegian police are not usually armed and after the attack the police directorate ordered all officers nationwide to carry firearms as an extra precaution.”

But why are you only telling the cops they should carry a firearm as an extra precaution and not the people being killed?

You ban people from carrying guns under the guise of safety yet the gun was the one thing they needed to keep themselves safe. The government didn’t keep these people safe.

This is how defenseless and unprotected you are when you’re not allowed to exercise your 2nd Amendment right, fully. You get a Katniss Everdeen Larper, who thinks he’s in the Norwegian hunger games running around a town for 35 minutes unopposed, killing people with a bow and arrows.

When the government is faced with a dangerous situation, they tell their people to carry guns for protection; however, when they face a dangerous situation, the government tells the people to give up their guns.

It doesn’t get any more clear than that, which means it’s not about keeping you safe; it’s about keeping you under control.

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