The Bunker Gun Club & Range

Welcome you to The Bunker Gun Range & Club, located in the heart of Clermont, FL. Our expansive 40-acre outdoor facility boasts a variety of features and amenities, including:

  • Private 25 yard pocket berms
  • 50 yard open range
  • 400 yard long range range.

But that’s not all – in addition to our top-notch range, we also offer a range of classes and training options, including concealed carry courses and much more. We’re committed to providing a safe, welcoming environment for all our members and guests, and we can’t wait for you to experience all that The Bunker has to offer.

Do you guys have Gun Rentals?

YES, we offer a comprehensive selection of firearms and equipment for rent at our facility, including handguns, rifles, suppressors, and full-auto options. Please note that rentals are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you have any questions or would like additional information regarding our gun rentals, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always happy to help.

Do you offer Day Passes?

YES, we’re excited to offer $30 non-member day passes, which provide access to our top-notch shooting range and all the benefits of membership for a single day. This one-day membership pass is the perfect opportunity to experience our facilities and explore what we have to offer.

Please note that the day pass option is limited to one purchase per customer account. To continue enjoying our range and amenities beyond your first visit, an active membership will be required.

The Range Day Experience





11220 Dwights Rd, Clermont Fl, 34714


Monday – Friday:…… 10am – 5pm

Saturday – Sunday:… 9am – 5pm

Gun Rentals:

Handguns:…… $25/hr

Rifles:… $30/hr

Full Auto:… $50/hr

Suppressors:… $30/hr


* Rentals are on a first come, first served.

* Rental Gun Ammunition must be purchased from us due to liability reasons.

Classes & Training

This class, once completed, will allow you to receive the state required certificate to obtain your concealed weapon or firearm license.

This class is great for beginner shooters and advanced, this course uses applied practice to build skill set and confidence for anyone who carries…

This class is great for beginner shooters and advanced, this course uses applied practice to build skill set and confidence for anyone who carries…

 Does your level of training make you confident that you can protect yourself and your family from a violent threat?

Tactical Rifle

 Does your level of training make you confident that you can protect yourself and your family from a violent threat?

Medic +

 Does your level of training make you confident that you can protect yourself and your family from a violent threat?

This course is a basic firearm safety course providing basic fundamentals of firearm safety and operation. 

A continual training program set in 2-hour increments. This class is great for beginner shooters and advanced, this course…

A continual training program set in 2-hour increments. This class is great for beginner shooters and advanced, this course…

About Your Instructor

Jeremy Liggett

Jeremy Liggett, Partner, and Director of The Bunker Gun Club is an Army veteran of two infantry and counterinsurgency tours in the Global War on Terrorism. His experience includes fifteen years as a police officer during which he served as an Investigator as well as being a S.W.A.T. Operator and Drug Interdiction Agent.

He left law enforcement to serve as Military Contractor teaching Combat Operations and Unconventional Warfare Techniques.

Range Commands:

“Range is hot”

This means that shooters may handle their firearms on the firing line. They may also handle their firearms in the ready area provided the actions are open or otherwise made safe. Load only on the firing line. At all times the 4 basic safety rules must be observed. Shooters can fire. 

“Range is cold”

This means that the range is closed with respect to handling any firearms either on the line or in the ready area. All firearms are to be cleared; magazines removed, actions open or made safe. Long guns must be racked. Hand guns may lay on the bench with the action exposed for verification by a Range Master. All shooters after benching their firearms must step back from the firing line. Absolutely no handling of firearms during a Cold Range. 

“Commence/Begin firing”

This command should be given by the Duty Range Master after the range is declared hot. It informs the shooters that they may begin firing at authorized targets. 

“Cease fire”

Whenever this command is given all shooters must immediately stop shooting, put the guns down on the table pointed down range, step off the concrete, and wait for further instructions from the Range Safety Officer. 

NOTE: This command may be given by anyone who observes an unsafe condition on the range.

The Bunker Gun Club (app)

The Bunker Gun Club app provides you access to your Membership Information, Our Range Calendar, Our Events and Classes. All at the palm of your hand download and stay connected with us!

Rules and Regulations

1. Always point the muzzle of all firearms in a safe direction, down range or down at the ground.

2. All pistols and rifles must be kept at a low ready position when preparing to fire and never pointing in the air. 

3. Always wear eye and ear protection while on a live firing range. All shooters and spectators on the firing lines and staging areas must wear ear and eye protection. Safety ear and eyewear is available from the check in area.

4. Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot. 

5. A “Cease Fire” may be called by anyone on any range at any time for any reason. 

6. Never load or fire a firearm if there is any doubt of its ability to operate safely and reliably. 

7. Never attempt to load or fire any firearms unless they are familiar with their operation. 

8. A loaded firearm will never be left unattended. 

9. No loaded firearms are allowed on The Bunker Range property other than on the Firing Line under a Hot Range condition, unless they are properly holstered for open carry or properly concealed for valid CWP holders. Only individuals with Concealed Weapons Permits from the state of FL or states with reciprocity may carry loaded concealed firearms on ATF property. 

10. ALL firearms must be unloaded, cased, and/or actions open when taken to and from the firing line, as well as sitting on the firing line, if not actively being shot. 

11. Always be sure that firearms and ammunition are compatible. Do not fire any ammunition that had to be force into the chamber.

12.  All shooters will be given a safety briefing prior to shooting.

13. All members and guests must be sure of their target and what is behind it; all bullets will impact the dirt berms. 

14. No ground level targets, cross-firing or ricochets are allowed.

15. All members and guests must ensure that all bullets and shots fired on Range property remain on Range property.

16. No shooting cross-range. 

17. All shooting can only be done from the firing line. Dry firing or aiming behind the firing line is prohibited. 

18. No shooting of large caliber rifles in the pocket berms. They are for machine guns, pistol calibers and lower velocity rifle rounds. No shooting the side tire walls of the pocket berm.

19. Offhand, sitting, and prone shooting of rifles is only allowed in the rifle area on the Main Range or on the Long Range in allocated positions assigned by the RSO. 

20. Firing of armor-piercing or tracer ammunition is prohibited. Armor piercing ammunition means a projectile or projectile core which may be used in a firearm and which is constructed entirely, excluding the presence of traces of other substances, of tungsten alloys, steel, iron, brass, bronze, beryllium copper, or a combination of tungsten alloys, steel, iron, brass, bronze, or beryllium copper. The armor piercing rounds cause damage to our steel targets and is expensive to replace.

21. Explosives are prohibited.

22. No bullet impacts off the range, into buildings, signs, storage containers, sheds, or any other structure or range feature not an Bunker Gun Club approved impact area. 

23. No repeated misses of the target board, or bullet strikes that ricochet causing a danger of bullets leaving the range. 

24. No disruptive activities, such as loud music or children that are not supervised properly on the firing line. 

25. The shooting of glass, non-approved steel or rocks is prohibited. 

26. All members’ and guests’ firearms are to be used only on the designated targets with safe ammunition. 

27. Exercise caution not to negligently discharge guns in the direction of range property, range signs, and stationary furniture. None of these will ever be permitted down range and used for a target.

28. If your rounds are not going to hit solidly in the berm – DO NOT FIRE! 

29. Firing in a careless manner will not be tolerated. Shoot at your target only. Do not shoot at any elevation that will allow a bullet to travel over the backstop berm. Any bullet strikes to facility equipment, structures, or the like other than a designated target carry a fine/fee to cover costs of replacement and/or repairs. Those individuals firing in a careless manner will be dismissed from the range for the rest of the day. A Safety Incident Report will be filled out by the RSO and will be reported to appropriate staff for collection of fees. See “Replacement and Repair Costs” chart at the end of this document to be used by the RSO to determine fines/fees to be assessed. 

30. No shooting at wildlife.  

31. As part of the range safety procedures, all safety rules will be followed. 

32. Inexperienced shooters are to advise the RSO if assistance is needed. 

33. When a “Cease Fire” is called by anyone, stop all shooting immediately, place all firearms on the table, back away from the firing line, and wait for instruction from the RSO. 

34. When “Cold Range” is called by an RSO, stop firing, unload, clear, and lock back each personal firearm on the line. Wait until RSO has cleared the whole firing line and granted permission for anyone to go down range. Do not go past the 100 yard berm without the RSO’s permission.

35. NO firearms are to be handled or moved during a “Cease Fire” or “Cold Range” at all. Individuals must wait until the RSO gives a Hot Range command. All firearms in need of cleaning or repair during a “Cold Range” must not be touched without prior consent of an RSO and an RSO present to supervise. 

36. RSO commands and range rules must be accepted at this range. Challenge to any rule or RSO command may be made in writing or in person to The Bunker Gun Club management. 

37. The RSO on duty will be equipped with first aid supplies, basic tools, and radio for communications with other RSOs/Instructors. 

38. Every Individual on the property of The Bunker Gun Club and Range must sign the Liability Indemnification and Release Waiver whether they are shooting or not. 

39. All shooters must ensure that all safety rules and regulations are followed. 

40. All members are responsible for their guests and must have them under direct supervision at all times including minors under the age of 18. 

41. Range is to be used as posted, or as directed by the RSO on duty. 

42. All shooters must sign in and pay for their range use, targets, ammunition, and any other consumables that they may need on the range as a receipt is necessary to show the RSO on duty. 

43. Target stands may be rented from ATF. Personal targets may be used if they meet the requirements of the RSO on duty and are to be properly disposed of or returned after individual is done shooting. Glass targets, explosive targets, and any other exotic items may not be used as targets at any time without the permission of the Range Management and/or RSO on duty. Each shooter on the range must clean up their bench and targets down range prior to leaving – this will be enforced by the RSO on duty. 

44. Keep your area used clean – the RSO will enforce this. Please respect the equipment and clean up your area when you are through shooting. If you move something, PUT IT BACK. If you break something, REPORT IT so it can be repaired for future use. If you make a mess – CLEAN IT UP. 

45. All targets are to be removed from down range when finished shooting – but only during an RSO called “Cold Range”. 

46. The range will pick up all shell casings. Please only pick up your brass if you reload. 

47. All members and guests are responsible for their personal belongings.

48. Clean up all your range trash when you are finished and throw it away. 

49. Vandalism at the range will not be tolerated and will be handled with potential serious consequences. Vandals may lose their membership and ATF may initiate both criminal prosecution and civil action to recover damages.  

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Gun Range Memberships


$ 59 Per month
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  • Pocket Berm Access
  • Long Range Access
  • $15 - Minor Passes
  • $20 - Guest Passes


$ 99 Per month
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$ 49 Per month
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From The Members

Frequently Asked Questions

We will have ammo at both our Storefront and Gun Range! With the ammo shortage we recommend you calling in advance to make sure we have the specific caliber you need.

Yes, prices are listed above.

Membership prices are listed above. 

We will have special days to be announced later that will allow you to shoot specialty weapons.

You will be able to make reservations both online and in store.

We do allow you to bring your own ammunition as long as its legal and safe. Prohibited ammo is as follows: Tracer, Armor Piercing, Steel Core, or any other exotic ammunition.

We highly recommend you bring your own eye and ear protection. We will have eye and ear protection both for purchase and rent.

News and Updates

In our blog, we post regular news about the facilities, trainers, events etc. Follow us to stay ahead of all the updates, as
well as many useful tips for weapon keeping and handling.