SNL Mocks Lt Governor Winsome Sears Because She’s Black, Republican, & Pro 2A

SNL Mocks Lt Governor Winsome Sears Because She's Black, Republican, & Pro 2A

Winsome Sears for Lieutenant Governor

The mainstream media is utterly terrified of black responsible gun ownership. The operative word is responsible.

If a black person wants to glorify shooting other black people, they’ll give you million-dollar music deals and contracts.

But god forbid you to be a family woman who is pro 2A and just became the first black female Lieutenant Governor of Virginia; they mock you in a comedy skit based on the most overused cliche joke for the last 20 years.

“Nothing will get republicans to support gun control faster than a picture of a black woman holding an AR-15.”

Please think about the irony of this joke.

Winsome Sears is a republican and who just got voted to be Virginia’s Lt. Governor by Republicans.

The mainstream media is perfectly fine with the toxic image of black gun ownership because anytime you try to counter that narrative, they send their black attack dogs to undermine it, as is the case here.

Black people aren’t your political slaves.

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