The NEW Mossberg 590S Eats Anything

The NEW Mossberg 590S Eats Anything

In this episode of TFBTV, Hop previews the newest model of the venerable Mossberg 590 shotgun: the 590S. The 590S is everything you know and love about the 590, but with some internal tweaks that allow it to reliably cycle mini shells without the use of an adapter. The new 590S, and 590S Shockwave will feed 2 3/4″, 3″, and 1 3/4″ short shells interchangeably. Using short shells gives you a 50 percent increase in capacity, and a significant reduction in recoil. In a full-size shotgun like the 590 they’re a bit of a gimmick, but in the stubby Shockwave, they actually start to make sense.

Mossberg 590S Stats
Weight: 6.75 lbs (18.5″ barrel), 7.25lbs (20″ barrel)
Length: 39.5″ (18.5″ barrel), 41″ (20″ barrel)
Capacity: 6+1 2 3/4″ shells, 9+1 1 3/4″ shells (18.5″ barrel), 8+1 2 3/4″ shells, 13+1 1 3/4″ shells (20″ barrel)
MSRP: $605 (18.5″ barrel), $708 (20″ barrel)

0:00 Intro
0:50 Short shells, mini shells, itty bitty shells
2:20 Reliability with mixed shells
3:32 Drive-by drill


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